Your micro wonder gym


Ignite change in your core

Boost org change fitness, ease stress with micro moves in your pop-up wonder gym

Nutrition and stretches are a no-brainer for marathons.

Warm up for change

Build creative muscle, accelerate connections and fuel continual change with an intelligent, micro wonder gym

Simple. Snappy. Scaleable.

St r e t c h i n g*

* But not too much as we don’t want you to pull a muscle

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  • Facilitates virtually-guided, micro moves in pairs
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  • No prep required, you leave the titles at the door
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  • Warm-up, creative exercise, warm-down... in 12 mins
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  • Personalise your programme to fit your change

try A micro wonder move

First movers getting gains

Join the HR, L&D and innovation & transformation leaders from global tech, financial and professional services firms who are already experiencing benefits with our Papilio prototype

Wonder micro-dosing*

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95% Positive experience

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100% Valuable

use of time

Emotional Control

19% Mood uplift

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Emotional Control

20% Energy uplift

* With no need for chemicals

"So much fun connecting and doing an exercise together"

"Opportunity to get a little creative"

"Such a nice way to break from the day & not focus on perfection!"

"Loved the simple prompt!"

"Nice change of pace to a normal 1:1"

“A fun way to engage with colleagues (old & new) using a different part of your brain”

“This was fun!!!!!!”

"Loved this moment with my colleague, it actually improved my mood!"

You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Feel good resistance training

Rewire connections

Brain Line Icon


Build creative muscle & kit bag

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Show up differently in your gym gear


Level-up with cross-org training partners

Revitalise wellbeing



Endorphins, nature’s reward system

Solar Energy


Post-workout buzz to boost your day

Metal Chain Linked Connected Pieces


Teams that play together, stay together

Result inside-out



Lift more because you’ve put in the prep

Product Management - Agile Process


Easier to touch toes or switch direction



Less resistance as you know you’ve got this

Everyone can be a change bunny.

Awe-intelligent, quick, accessible-for-all gym

And there’s no fancy tech to install (phew!)

Shaped for your culture & change

Tailor programme length and exercises to your needs and preferences

Change fitness insights

Know your change core strength vitals: creativity, wellbeing and connectivity

Built to be lovely & sticky

Hit from moment infused with play and

novelty that you’ll want more of

Efficient access to experts at scale

Everyone can be guided by creative personal trainers routinely

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Everyone-friendly, even busy leaders

Promotes psychological safety and removes barriers

Nothing to install or integrate

Plus we don’t need your precious personal data for you to train

We’ve been in your lovely shoes

(and know they can feel tight sometimes)

Pauline and Tzuki know what it’s like to navigate disruption and change whilst balancing people’s needs with meeting targets.

They brought Playfilled to life to help forward-thinking businesses unlock human potential by filling their culture with purposeful play: the missing piece of the puzzle to increase creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning.

[Insert your favourite bad joke]

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